Poems by Muni Kshamasagar
Edited & Translated by Sunita Jain
Remadhav Publication Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

In this earned inscape of Muni Kshamasagar’s poetic world, birds, trees, sky and rivers are the constant symbpls of life’s great wonder and joy-for nature alone is the script which Muni Kshamasagar tries to decode as well as create in his poems. The poems, therefore, bring great stillness to the reader. In the English  translation this stillness has not been violated by Sunita Jain

Pahla Kadam   Doosara Kadam

These are the books for beginners and based on preaching of Muni Kshamasagar compiled by Surbhi Sthi. Colorful pictorial message easily communicate the ABC of the Jainism, are useful for the English learning children


The book is small but important. This book is based on preaching of Muni Ksamasagar compiled by S.L. Jain. Every chapter of this book gives description of the basics of Jainism for English speaking persons that’s why preliminary treatise on Jainism for beginners.

In quest of the self

By Muni Kshamasagar
Translated by Kamal Kant Jaswal
Published by Bhartiya Jnanpith

The book is the extraordinary life story of an extraordinary Saint. The author has chosen the Mother as the narrator of the story that takes the reader from the childhood of Vidhyadhar in fact. The central theme of the narrative is not the life story of her son, but his spiritual voyage. The anthology of rare and unheard of reminiscences given of the end provides an inexhaustible source of inspiration to the reader.

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