Chirping Sparrow

Chirping sparrow is the quarterly newsletter of Maitree Samooh. It is circulated to all Young Jaina Awardees and friends of Maitree Samooh. In our regular sections - Pride of Society and Young Achievers, we showcase the achievements which are inspiring and worth following at the same time. Truth about Traditions is aimed at succinctly bringing out the scientific reasons behind various religious practices. Young generation is always inquisitive, and rightly so, to know the relevance of religious practices like Devdarshan, Jin Poojan, Abhishek, etc. This section makes an attempt to present the logic behind these traditions in modern context. Short stories inspire us to realize the significance of moral values in everyday life. Your Space is the readers section where in we encourage the readers to speak their mid. The most liked section of the newsletter has been The Important Letter (Mahattvapurna Chitthi). A simple and a short story in a letter format tries to leave one message with each issue.


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